Ip12.9 Ip14.9 Ip16.9 Ip19  
Surface 12.9 14.9 16.9 19
Cruising speed 80-90 75-85 75-90 75-90 km/h
VSO 50 48 44 42 km/h
VNE 145 140 140 85 km/h
Wing weight 45 46 52 43 kg
Best Glide with Phase II - - - -  
set up time 25 26 26 20 min
Battens (Top/Bottom) 22/10 24/12 24/12 16/0  
Aspect Ratio - 6.35   75-90  
Reinforcement Option yes yes Standard yes  
Electric Trim Option yes yes yes Non  
Max in Flight Weight 170-350 190-390 300-500 170-350 kg
Maximum Load reinforced 450 450 450 500 kg
Minimum sink mini - - - - m/sec


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The IPSOS Wings are the latest evolution of former Ghost and Chronos. Light and responsive, these wings are ideal for manoeuvres close to the ground, and convenient for aeronautical works such as spreading, teaching, schooling, photographies, towing gliders or commercials. Thanks to their vast range of speeds they can approach and land in many improvised fields, easy to rigg and derigg no tools needed, they are ideal for bivouac, discovery and fun.


4 sizes are available.
The 12.9 is the finest and sportiest wing of the range, fast and easy to handle, it is excellent to cover long distances, and evolve at all heights.
The 19 is the slowest and most simple to rigg, it allows to fly and discover the nearby surroundings and to share the passion of flight. Very forgiving, it is perfect for schooling and first wings, local flights, photography and towing slow wings.
The 16.9 is the toughest and adapts well on heavy trikes. It is the only wing of the range that will stand up to 500kg take off weight. Its large scale of speeds and its solid features make it ideal for long distance flights and heavy duties.
Finally the 14.9 is the most polyvalent of the IPSOS serie, bigger than the 12,9 it stands better the heavier loads and qualifies best as multipurpose.


Our wings are designed to withstand 390kg (Takeoff weight). reinforcing them allows to withstand 450kg. Only the IPSOS 16.9 is reinforced as standard and can withstand up to 500kg.