Quetzal is the latest version of COSMOS Phase 2, equipped with a ROTAX 582 engine, it is stronger and more shock absorbant than the SAMSON trike but remains compact for good maneuverability. The landing gear is buffered by FOURNALES pneumatic cylinders. The trike has an excellent power to weight ratio and is designed to withstand a TFW (Total Flying Weight) of 500kg in flight. Adaptable to many wings and options, it is a powerful two-seater with a large load capacity and a large margin of useful weight. Suitable for floaters, crop spraying, aerial photography, towing … It is an extremely versatile Trike. IPSOS is the most appropriate wing range with 5 sizes that offer a wide speed range.


Surface (m²)12,914,916.9
VSO / Cruise / VNE (km/h)54 / 75-95 / 14052 / 75-95 / 13852 / 80-105 / 150
PTV Max (kg)450450500
PTV Ideal (kg)220-300220-390350-500
Empty weight (kg)175176178
Glide ratio on trike8.58.38.5
Dimensions Open (cm*cm*cm)
Minimum sink rate (m/s) at 450kg
Climbing rate with 250kg m/s
Climbing rate with 450kg m/s
Consumption (l/h)15 à 1715 à 1714 à 16.6
Rigging45min 45min45min
1st TPO/ Big TPO / Motor lifespan (h)300/900/1800300/900/1800300/900/1800



The 19 is a slow wing, easy to assemble. Its low glide ratio and VS0 (Stall Velocity) make it possible to take off and land short or to slow the aircraft down for aerial works such as flying with floaters or crop spraying.


The 16, is a beginner school wing with a good glide ratio and wing stability that allow to cross country at reasonable speeds (65 to 80km/h).


The 14.9 is a versatile wing, supporting important loads, good handling and a great speed range. Prized for intensive tandem flights as well as for individual flight, it can only be a right choice.


The 12.9 is agile and fast. Efficient, precise, manoeuvrable, the IPSOS 12.9 is a fighter aircraft preferring small and medium loads.


The 16.9 is the wing with the widest speed range. It supports large loads and has excellent finesse. It is very popular for big, heavy trikes and motors hungry for speed.