The SAMSON is an ultra light trike that can carry up to 2 passengers or a maximum weight of 270 kg at takeoff. Impressively flexible, its engine, wing and other components can be changed within minutes. The trike folds up to fit in the trunk of a car. No tools are required for rigging. An empty trike weighs between 72 and 111kg depending on the type of engine and other options..


The SAMSON is a nano-trike designed for travel. Inspired by paramotor logistics, it can be folded up for transport by plane, boat, car or camel. Its speed range allows for very short take-offs and landings. This not only multiplies possibilities for both, but greatly increases security. Furthermore, it can cruise at good enough speeds to counter strong winds or to fly cross country.

The SAMSON is an excellent combinination of simplicity and sharing. It is not
uncommon to land in someone’s back yard and offer them a chance-of-a-lifetime experience of a flight.


Our wings are available in single and double surfaces. The single-surface wing offers an even faster fold up and shorter landings. The double surfaces allows for faster speeds, optimize the climb and sink rates, and benefit from excellent precision. The wings come with speed trims that can be adjusted on the ground (in flight electric trims are optional).


The standard trike comes with a front break, a mudguard, a 12L tank and 400/8 wheels
The most popular options are :
The 28L tank for a greater autonomy (Most motors consume 3 to 7L an hour).
The hand gas trim to maintain constant speed.
The trike coat to perfect airflow around the trike, it also serves as compartment for a parachute, has a closed pocket and creates volume to store a small bag.
The adventurer Backpack on the passenger seat enhances storage capacity when flying solo.
The Quick prop connector allows you to remove the propeller from the motor faster and with bear hands.
Many more options are available for this trike.
The following motors have already been adapted to the trike : Cosmos 300, Thor 303, Thor 202, Thor 130, Thor 80, Black Bull, Black Devil, Tornado 280, Aero1000, HPD 12, HPD 16, HPD 20, HPD 32. It is possible to adapt other motors on demand. Please contact our technical team to discuss possibilities.


MotorsThor 303 | Aero1000Thor 303 | Aero1000Thor 303 | Aero1000
Surface (m²)12,514,918.5
Cruise speed (km/h)65-7561-7540-65
VSO (km/h)383728
VNE (km/h)120 | 115110 | 10582 | 78
Wing weight373836
Maximum PTV (kg)270270270
Ideal PTV (kg)120 à 220120 à 220120 à 220
Empty weight (kg)93 | 11193 | 11192 | 110
Glide ratio on Samson trike
Folded length glider (m)5,555,755,85
Short pack length (m)4,654,654,65
Trike packed (cmxcmxcm)140x70x60140x70x60140x70x60
Minimum sink rate(m/s)
Consumption(l/h)5 à 7 | 3,5 à 5,55 à 7 | 3,5 à 5,55 à 7 | 3,5 à 5,5
Motor thrust (kg)
1st TPO/ Big TPO / motor life expectancy150/450/900 | 200/500/1000150/450/900 | 200/500/1000150/450/900 | 200/500/1000
Trike set up4min30 | 15min4min30 | 15min4min30 | 15min
Total set up time30 min | 45min30 min | 45min25min | 40min



The 19, the toy par excellence, being able to slow down to 23km / h on a single-seater (28km / h at maximum load) the wing is assembled and folded very quickly. Its low finesse allows you to land anywhere safely like a paramotor. Evening or thermal flight, following a stream or staying dynamic on a mountain, this wing is made to take advantage of the surrounding conditions and terrain.


The 12, agile and fast, this wing not only allows to exploit the conditions but also to travel a little, to get away from the ground and to discover the neighboring regions. Efficient, the wing generously restores the stored energy and the handling does not deteriorate whatever the speed.