The BEE is the new two-seater hang glider wing from La Mouette.

Intended for both professional two-seater pilots and recreational two-seaters, this wing has remarkable flying qualities.

Its ease of piloting in terms of maneuverability, compared to other wings on the market, is its most obvious characteristic, the effort on the control bar is gentle, easy and progressive, flight in calm or thermal air becomes easier. great simplicity. From the feel of the control, it is very close to a single-seater wing.

Its glide and finesse are increased, ergonomically more profiled in length, the pilot can if necessary reach more than 90 km/h in top speed.

Its weight is 3 to 4 kgs (31.2kgs) less than the majority of current two-seater wings and transport is therefore greatly facilitated.

Its speed of implementation during assembly or disassembly (approximately 10 minutes) makes it a perfect ally for professionals who need to carry out numerous first-time flights during the day.

The trapeze has been revised and enlarged to leave more volume for better comfort for the pilot and his passenger.

The standard sail is made of Dacron, but it is possible to optionally add more rigid materials to improve its performance (Technora), it is also possible as an option to add batten tips integrated into the trailing edge.


Area (m²)
Span (m)-
Aspect ratio-
Wing weight (kg)
Best glide
Recommended weight (kg)
max weight(kg)
Breakage resistance+6G/-3G
Storage size (m)
Short storage size (m)
Number of slats