The Ventura is a high-end ultra-comfortable microlight that is lighter than its competitors on the market (reference empty weight 254.4 Kg). Most commonly associated with the ORYX range of wings, it offers more space to the passenger by separating the seat from that of the pilot. The streamlined version makes it a racing machine which remains very manoeuvrable. Motorized with the BMWRS1200S engine or with the ROTAX 912 UL & S, it offers a very interesting alternative in terms of purchase price and consumption. The rudder bar and adjustable seat allow you to comfortably adapt to many sizes. The structure of the trike is in 2024 aluminum and 304 stainless steel, TIG welded and epoxy painted, the polyester body is covered with a colored gelcoat.

60 liters of gasoline divided into 2 tanks, level by translucent pipe (optional electric gauge) The front & rear axles are damped, a hydraulic system brakes the two rear wheels. 80 mm VEGA type MGL engine & flight control instrumentation fitted as standard


The options :


– “XTreme EFIS” instrumentation, FUNKE radio, KTX 2 S transponder, STROBS EPTA LSA, GRS parachute, carbon wing winglets.


* R1200S 100 CV type 1 (100Cv) engine, EV16 SODEMO ECU, Injection, electronic dual ignition, LAMDA probe, altimetric correction (no carburetor icing, no vapor lock, consumption 8 to 10 l / h at 4500 rpm) and VENTURA REDUCER (equipment proven for more than 10 years) or 912 / 912S ROTAX


– Secure motor electrical circuit (forced operation system)


– DUC / FLASH 1m73 carbon three-bladed propeller.


– Exhaust system including a silencer


VSO53 Km/h (28.64 nœuds)
VDF167 km/h (90.27 nœuds)
VNE150 km/h (81.08 nœuds)
VA120 km/h (54.05 nœuds)
V.man100 km/h
Recommended cruising speed120 km/h (64.86 nœuds)
Maximum power (full power during the take-off phase)100cv 6100 tr/min
Recommended initial climb speed5500tr/min, 4.5m/s of mounting rates
Rolling on take-off102 m
Passage of the 15 m169 m
Rate of climb5.5 m/s
Recommended speed on final approach87 km/h (47 nœuds)
Landing distance (from 15m)300 mètres
Max fineness9
Minimum bearing holding speed70 Km/h (28.64 nœuds)
Max. finesse speed87 Km/h (47 nœuds) -2.5 m/s of fall rate
Crosswind limit for take-off and landing28 Km/h (15.13 nœuds)
Roll rate at 120% of min V (45°/45°)4s



The 19, the toy par excellence, being able to slow down to 23km / h on a single-seater (28km / h at maximum load) the wing is assembled and folded very quickly. Its low finesse allows you to land anywhere safely like a paramotor. Evening or thermal flight, following a stream or staying dynamic on a mountain, this wing is made to take advantage of the surrounding conditions and terrain.


The 12, agile and fast, this wing not only allows to exploit the conditions but also to travel a little, to get away from the ground and to discover the neighboring regions. Efficient, the wing generously restores the stored energy and the handling does not deteriorate whatever the speed.