Our microlight flights are accessible to children, adults up to 120 kg and disabled people. Our pilots adapt to your needs and requirements.
The take-off runway is located in Darois on the road to Troyes, north-west of Dijon. The flights are carried out one by one with each pilot but several machines can fly together to share a flight.


3 flight circuits are offered, piloting (more sporty or more contemplative) can be adapted in each case:


  • The local circuit (15 minutes):
    Take-off from Darois, crossing the plateau of the large fields and surroundings. Or passage above the village of suzon. Or passage near the racing circuit


  • The valley circuit (30 minutes):
    Take off from Darois up the valley suzon from Messigny and Vantoux. Or passage towards the cliffs of Baume la Roche and Château de Malin. Or cross the Ouche valley to Notre Dame pond and fly over Mount Africa.


  • The castle circuit (1 hour) :
    Take off from Darois, discovery of the castles and monuments as far as Chateauneuf. Or flight in the plain to the French fountain and back. Or discover the castles and vineyards of the coasts by night.


For any specific flight request from another location, business seminar, towing banners or overflight, please contact us by phone at


We are open all year round but our activity depends a lot on the weather.

It is common for appointments to be postponed for these reasons. In summer and spring the thermal activity makes the conditions turbulent and it is preferable for uninitiated people to book in the morning before 9:30 am or at the end of the afternoon.