Thor130 Thor200 Thor250  
Power 21.5 29 36 CV
Weight 13.4 17 19.5 kg
Refrigeration air air eau  
Noise Level - - - -
Cylinder - 194 - cc
Electric starter non option yes  


Rotax HPD


Thor motors have proven such popular and comfortable motors amongst the Paramotor world that it becomes every time more rare to present them. Following are general characteristics of what we appreciate on the Thor motors :
The Thor Motors are provided with a balancing counter-shaft that greatly buffers vibrations directly affecting comfort and sound while Flying as well as motor preservation.
They are provided with a centrifugal clutch entirely bathed in oil, with a mechanical gear with helical teeth. The counter revolving rollers considerably decrease the upsetting torque-steer for a further flight comfort.
The excellent Weight/Power ratio perfectly in phase with the philosophy we built our SAMSON Trike on.
The couplings to the frame of all the range of Thor engines is identical, making it very simple to change motors or sizes with one same Trike.


THOR 130

Compared to the Thor 100 model, the new Polini THOR 130 is not only more performing since it is a square engine (bore and stroke are the same) with 21,5 hp, but it also allows improvement in torque and maximum power range that has been reduced to 8800 rpm, finalized to optimize and increase the reliability. The new Thor 130 is an advanced engine which can adopt two different fuelling systems: Ø24 carburettor or WG8 Walbro carburettor. It is important to underline that though performance was enhanced, the weight remained unchanged. It has been developed with hand craft standards with the most modern and advanced production processes made by high-experienced engineer and of proved experience, skill and creativity.

THOR 200

Highest Power/Weight Ratio of the range thanks to the air cooling system and it's new cooling shroud which keeps the operating temperatures lower by 10-15%(in standard conditions) increasing the engine reliability. The engine reaches 8000-8200 rpm with bowl carburator. It is recommended the use of a propeller with more pitch to better exploit the engine trust that the new Thor 200 EVO offers. CARBURETTORS
The new THOR 200 EVO is an advanced engine that can use two different fuel systems: d.28 PWK model carburettor or WB37 WALBRO carburetor. EASY STARTER
THOR 200 EVO engine is provided with the new Polini “Flash Starter”, really easy to start. A version with electric starter is also available. SPECIFIC POWER UNIT
The cylinder is cast in light alloy and its liner has a nickel-chrome coating for the best piston sliding. The piston is gravity die-cast in light alloy at high silicon content with 2 special chromed and nitride steel rings. The design of the piston top optimizes the compression ratio. CRANKSHAFT
Crankshaft with filling inserts to increase the primary compression ratio and grant a better mixture flow. EXHAUST SYSTEM
The exhaust system is completely hand made for a better product quality. Compact design and contained dimensions. The reduced overall dimensions improve the aerodynamic and grant a low noise level.

THOR 250

The THOR 250 features a liquid cooling system that grants an extraordinary steady power output and better performance at every rpm. The advanced technology and the great performance of the motor gives a better feeling when steering making the flight even more performing, dynamic, reactive, beside granting more stability. Polini deeply directed its attention to the security matter. The engine distinguishes itself for many other advanced solutions, as, for example, the comfortable closed circuit system for the fuel recovery during transportation and the 12V way for an eventual electrical use. A version with electric starter is also available as optional. The new THOR 250 engine adapts itself to various application types, as two-seat trikes, powered hang gliders, one-seat small three-axis, ULM motor-gliders.