Sa12 - Sa19  
Surface 12.5 - 18.5
Cruising speed 65 - 45 km/h
VSO 38 - 28 km/h
VNE 110 - 80 km/h
Wing weight 38 - 36 kg
Best Glide sur Samson 7.9 - 6  
set up time 25 - 20 min
Battens (Top/Bottom) 22/11 - 16/0  
Wing span 9.38 - -  
Folded Length 4.65 - - m
Electric Trim Option yes - non  
Max in Flight Weight 80-250 - 80-240 kg
Maximum Load 250 250 250 kg
Minimum sink mini - - - m/sec
Certification FR - FR  


SAMSON 12 Thor 250
SAMSON 12 Thor 200
SAMSON 19 Thor 250
SAMSON 19 Thor 200


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Simplified architecture built on light Materials, the SAMSON is a real pleasure to fly. Designed to withstand a 250kg load, the wing is ideal for single seaters and light tandem trikes such as the SAMSON Trike for which it was conceived, but also many other Trikes. This wing fills the gap between the lighter oneseater wings and the more robust wings that don't handle well with light weights. Handling like a hangglider but sufficently solid for Ultralight and an additional passenger, it can slow down to the speeds of a paramotor and still accelerate to counter strong winds. The perfect unit to play close to the ground or catch a thermal and free fly. Its light weight and simple construction allow to rigg and derigg it quickly and store and transport easily.


The 19, perfect toy, with a VSO of 23km/h on a singleseater (28km/h at Maximum Load) the wing is rigged in 15min. It's low Glide Ratio allows it to land almost anywhere. Evening flight or thermaling, follow a river stream or ridge fly for hours with no motor, this wing is perfect to exploit local airmass and surroundings.
The 12, fast and agile, it allows not only to exploit the airmass but also to cover more ground, adventure farther horizons and discover the neighbouring regions. Quick to respond and efficient, it generously returns the stored energy and its handling remains fantastic at all speeds!